Hello, new user
Well, I wasn't going to post anything, but every where I look, it seems to imply that to dump your PS2 bios, you can't just have a normal PS2 or something. Sorry, I'm not quite sure if I missed something somewhere or not. So, can I get some help?

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Any normal ps2 will do, but you need to be able to start homebrew on it.
Be it via FMCB, exploit or modchip.
Yea, I don't want to mod my PS2. What's FMCB and exploit?
Emulator users are encouraged to do some research, as such I direct you to google Wink
Swap magic also works and is what I used to dump mine. Do a google search for retailers of it... by far the easiest method as you just put a disk in and burn a cd/dvd with the bios dumping program to swap out.

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