Hellp whit this program!
hello I would like to ask you some questions so I have a computer and I want to play whit him that naruto 2 with pcsx2.

My PC:
Video card:256MB
CPU :1.8
can play with these?

if I can play tell me how to make settings?? plz hellp me

sorry for my english y am from romania

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Sorry, with those specs you won't be able to play much of anything with the PCSX2 Emulator. You might be able to play some 2D games, but that's iffy in it's self. The biggest drawback here is your CPU.
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It would help if you were more specific about your specs. 1.8Ghz is very ambiguous, a 1.8Ghz pentium 4 performs a LOT worse than a core 2 duo 1.8Ghz. Also the graphics card, it could be a Radeon 9800XT with 256mb, or it could be a Geforce 8800GT with 256mb, again, massive difference in performance.

please give more information.
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