I have a new (good) computer here and I tried to play Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaishi 3. I've installed the latest PCSX2, got everything that is needed... Still, when I try to run the game it runs slow and with pretty bad graphics!
The videocard has DirectX10 with 512 of memory, Intel Dual Core 2.10Ghz processor, 4Gb of RAM... isn't it enough to run the game fine? FPS were lower than 20 and graphics failed hard.
Please help me.
Best regards.

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Please don't open more threads about it.

Edit: sigh PM disabled...
XeonPT Wrote:The thread was closed for no reason... now you close another, linking me the closed one? Does that make any sense? How can I get an answer to my question then?

No reason? you said you downloaded the game and bios, and we do not support piracy on this forum as stated in our rules.
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