Hello, just recently i have got the pcsx2 to work fine. I got smackdown vs raw 2011 for me. It was working but not fast. in the menu and cutscenes fps is -> 50 and during the game play it comes down to 20 - 30.

I don't know, if my computer has the abilities to play.

Intel Xeon 3.20 GHz
1 GB DDR2 Ram
Windows 7 32 Bit
nVIDIA 9400gt 1 GB

Admins and my friends please tell me whether can my pc run the older games like svr 2009 or svr 2008 gta vice city stories etc . Or I should stop researching in the google for increasing fps, if u all say that there's no point in playing pcsx2 games ( as my pc specs are poor )

Thank you in Advance.

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it'll work with low end games as you need at least a dual core cpu to achive playable speeds for most games.
moreover, svr series are particularily demanding.

I guess you'll just have to keep playing with your ps2...
CPU : AMD Ryzen 7 3800X
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RAM : 16 Go

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