Help !
Hi Peoples Laugh
I Have A Little Problem Glare

So Im Trying To Run DBZ Infinite World But It's SLOW Sad
DBZ Infinite World It's ISO File .

My OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64Bit (6.1,Build 7600)
Processor : ADM Sempron™ 145 Processor , ~2,8 GHZ
Memory : 4096 MB Ram
Using PCSX2 0.9.8 (r4600)

So Can Anyone Help Me To Make It Run Faster ? Blush

Thanks ~

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sorry to say but thats not gonna happen, MAYBE you can run a 2d game on halpf speed on that pc.

if you want to play at fullspeed either play it on your ps2 or buy a better pc.

I Don't Need It Full Speed, I Just Want It Faster

Thnx 4 Reply.
with some speedhacks, you may achieve something like 15fps...
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