#1 Guys is this fake because i have the same gpu and e8600 3.33GhZ and lags??
And second thing i want to create my own savegame on Star Wars III Revenge of Sith how to make ? Please Help  Thanks! Smile

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Well, that video was from 8 years ago, using a very old version of the emulator, that wasn't as demanding. That version of PCSX2 isn't supported anymore.

That being said, your CPU is to weak to run the game with PCSX2. It's pretty much to weak to run any game through the emulator, with only a STR of 1373. You'll need to get a better CPU.
Windows 11 64 bit OS
Intel Core i7-10700
Geforce RTX 2060 6GB
You can get an older version

The downsides are
-less accurate so things might not look or play quite right if....
-they play at all (lower compatibility with games in general a lot just don't work)
-newer hardware and operating syatems might also have extra issues, but in this case it might not be an issue

And the most important one
------Less people who know how to help (assuming there is a solution to the issue besides using a newer version) and even less people willing to help support an older version.

But for your specific hardware and needs, maybe this will work better for you. To be honest though if you are not willing to methodically test each setting to find out if you can get a game to run and what will help/hurt performance and will will cause/fix issues then using an older build on a weaker Computer is not a way to emulate and you should either update your PC or just use your PS2 hardware.
(07-21-2017, 01:48 AM)MarikIshtar123 Wrote: And second thing i want to create my own savegame on Star Wars III Revenge of Sith how to make ?
I can only guess 3 things this might mean:
1: You create a save by saving in the game like you would on a PS2
2: You can export a save with mymc
3: You can import a save with mymc and another person's save

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