Help! Emergency ! xD
Uhhhh something went wrong damn wrong.... just yesterday in the night everything was fine :/ Anyway here's the deal : whenever I try starting Tales of the Abyss pcsx freezes to be exact everything besides menu start freezes so I can restart the pc . However I cant find any way to start the game... ;((( didn't change anything since yesterday just came back tried running it and wth is going on ;(( I even reinstalled pcsx but it didnt help dunno whats wrong... and I finally got some free time to play ehhh just my luck Tongue Anyway if ya know how to fix this please respond asap Sad
Core 2 Quad 2.4ghz
GF 8600 GTS 256/256
2 GB DDR II 800 mhz ram

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Well, it's not related to the emu.

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