!Help! Error: DVD Player is not set up
I recently bought myself a new pc and immediatly installed the pcsx2 Emulator to play some PS2 Games. But when i started the emulator to play my game it just threw me into the menu and said "DVD Player is not set up". That was when I remembered that an actual Disc Drive is required to play the games in iso format but I didnt even include a cd drive into my new PC Build.

So my question is: Is it possible to use the emulator and play games without having an actual CD Drive?

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Update: I got the Message when I tried to play the DragonBall Z - Bodukai 3 (Bonus) ISO but when I started a different game (Burnout 3 - Takedown), it worked just fine
You don't need an optical drive to run games from an ISO, I don't have one in my PC or laptop.

Which plugin are you using? Try Linuz ISO CDVD as your optical plugin and try again.
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Are you trying to load the DBZB3 bonus disc instead of the main game disc?

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