Help!! Game not working saying dvd player isnt setup
Hey @ol
m having some kinda problem either with pcsx2 or with iso [ or both of them ]
i made a iso file of svr 2009 [ wwe smachdown vs raw 2009] and i downloaded pcsx2,and plugins also
now when i start pcsx2 ,it shows " status is good " at left bottom of the emulator,
after dat i when i loaded svr09.iso . it shows "dvd player not setup "
now plz some one help me out after dat when i press circle button ,it shows memcard ,both memcard r empty ,
any kinda help is welcomed

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wrong CDVD plug-in i'm afraid
what cdvd plug-in your using.
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Its lipuz (srry of spelling)
Just to make sure try making a new ISO with ImgBurn and load it with the internal PCSX2 ISO loader (CDVD > Iso Selector > Browse...), don't use Linuz ISO plugin.
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