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Hi People! I'm from Venezuela and I have installed recently pcsx2 to play God of War in my pc...the only one probleim I have is that I can't see the video secuences that show the history of the game...when this videos should be seen I just see a frame of colors for 1 or 2 seconds...can someone helpme or tell me if the emulator doesn't works for this game...or if I need to do any special configuration to make it works properly?

My PC specs:
MoBo: ASRock P43DE3
Procesador: Intel Core2 [email protected]
Memoria RAM: 4 Gb DDR3
Tarjeta de Video: ATI Radeon HD 4670 - 1 Gb
SO: Windows 7 Ultimate, 64 bit, SP 1

And for the PSCX2 I use the predeterminated config and set the speed hacks at level 4-Agressive because sometimes it gets slow when I was playing.

Thankyou for your time and support!


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Turn the speed hacks to 0, load from a memory card and try again. Also make sure you are using SPU2-X as sound plugin
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Ok...i'll change the speed hacks, check the sound pluging, load from a memory card and post the result of it.
are you sure your game is the original 9-GB game ?

i had that problem before and that was the problem !

and there is a tiny chance that you have enabled the "skip MPEG hack" in game fixes in emulation settings

and if not already use the latest SVN

and post the emulog please if you can after skipping ( it is PCSX2 Program Log )
I've downloaded the game from a post in YouTube, the game and the emulator. I'll download and install the SVN u have posted and check if the Skip Mpg hack is enabled....if nothing of it works then I'll post the emulog. By the way if I use a game disc how can I use it to be played in thec usin the Pscx2?. And thanks a lot for the help men!
Quote:I've downloaded the game

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