Help Graphics Errror
I have configured the playground emu correctly.. it runs smoothly very fast .

The problem is the my graphics card(8600GT DX 10) .

I'm using the Gsdx SSE2 Plugin to run the game(s).

Under the graphics config .. there is a renderer and interlacing option

i set the renderer option to direct3d 10 (hardware(the fastest renderer so far.. others just slow stuff down)

Anyways the problem is that with d10 hardware the opening scene videos etc. keep flashing . I can stop the thing from flashing by selecting an interlacing number but those will slow down my game.
Is there another way to get rid of the flashing without having to slow down my game(s)?

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Your Video card might not be limiting you as much as you think it is, What processor do you have?
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Set internal resolution lower? 800x800, 600x600?
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Also, I doubt if you are in the configeration of VU skip in the CPU option, the same situation happens as I try in that way for speed...
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(12-23-2008, 03:40 PM)skallzz Wrote: speed is 2.8ghz

What game is it your trying to play? There might be special ways to solve your problems (probably not but its worth a shot eh?)
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Alot of games...and btw another new error on top of that....

Some games have missing graphics n some have missing graphics n flashing.(sometimes both).

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