Help I'm just a newbie here... please!
Hi I have already download the PCSX0.9.6 and configured it just like what i watch at this site Biggrin and I have the bios of the game Naruto Accel 2.Now my question is. What should I do next?? Help Please... Sad

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its hard to even tell you what to do since you dont have the slighest clue what to do by the looks of it but here it goes you shouldint follow others config since its diffrent for the persons comp and you didint even tell us that and do you even have the bios files? if you do then just mess around with diffrent configs till it works thats what i first did a long time ago and what do you mean i have the bios of the game naruto? you mean the iso? then use the cd plugin that you can load isos with then try diffrent graphics plugins and if not your comp isint good enough
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