[Help]Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix [English]
When I Patch The KH2FM When I Press Start ( To Change Weapons , Abilities , Armor , Etc.) It Hangs I Am Using Pcsx2 0.9.7 3876m(svn) Oct 5,2010 please HELP

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Your patch is wrong.
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@Bositman Can You Make A Video How To Use .PFF Files Cause I Use

And It's so Laggy
In PCsx2 0.9.7
When I Play Sora....
And Computer i Am Being USed
You can use this tool: http://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-PCSX2CE-P...eat-Editor
Find the raw codes from a code site ( no idea never use cheats) then use that tool to make them into a cheat file that PCSX2 can use.
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This A Patch Editor In Cheats.. Only I Am Asking For The Patch To Make It English Easily
The Bug Is : - When trying to pause the game when you are first able to open up the menu.
- When trying to go into Configuration as Roxas (not sure if it's all the time but it does it when you go into the Menu during the start of the 3rd day)edit: found it it only happens in the Usual Place, strange.
- Whenever you open a Treasure Chest and then open the menu (happens 100% of the time). You won't be able to open the menu unless you save the game after opening the chest and then load up the save. So that's a pretty ugly bug there.
The english patch is known to have all these bugs since it is far from complete. This has nothing to do with PCSX2, your only hope is a new version of the patch that fixes those problems.
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@Bositman Yeah I Know .. Because The Patch Is Still Incomplete... It's Been 8 Months Seen That Patch Is Release
Or The Creator Is Not Working Anymore With The Patch Or He Will Not Release It ??

I Want A Kingdom Hearts 2 ~Final Mix~ English
Laugh Cause It Makes Me Happy LOL

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