Help Load Original
Somebody can tell me, how to load original Dynasty Warriors 4 from Dynasty Warriors 4 Xtreme Legend ???

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You need to have the Original DW4 for the external Musou Mode. If you want that it can be possible only in a real PS2.

PCSX2 Does not allow for Disk Fusion / Swap disk. Probably a Patch would help in that.
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i do it but it show :" wrong disk, do you want to cancel load??"
Does PCSX2 not support swap disc, does it?
(07-29-2012, 05:30 AM)Livy Wrote: Does PCSX2 not support swap disc, does it?

Afaik, In very few games, using gigahertz dvd plugin...
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I don't think so, if PCSX2 not support swap disc, i can't use code breaker, but i can use that :|, I think my game may be NTSC and PAL, not 2 NTSC or 2 Pal so it can't load Original

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