Help. Memcard 1 corrupted
Hello. I have this strange problem. I played MGS3 Subsistance and today, when i try to load my save, it says that it is broken, so i try to load an older save which i had stored for 2 days and it said the same. What do i do now? In particular: (I have formated the cards before i started playing)

- Can i recover the saves? If yes, how?
- What do i do with the memorycard if it is somehow corrupted and every time i save i will have this problem?
- I have no program that allows me to get inside my memcards, to retrieve saves, is there one? I remember the Hex Editor for PSXe but it's not quite the same i think.

Thank you in advance.

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I had the exact same issue and no one helped me :/
The save was visible on memory card and in-game but every time I tried to load I get an error and the memory card would disappear.

Have you tried downloading the special camos? It's the same issue, you create a camo file on the memory card but when you try to load it in-game it says it's broken.
Can you not load the memory card from the BIOS screen?
Try copying the older save to a new memory card and see if it loads that.
No i did not. It is my first game that i play on the PS2 emulator. My PS2 sadly bit the dust so i used its bios to play some nostalgic titles. Since i've never had MGS3 i wanted to play and got far (i'm in the mission where you plant the C3 to destroy the Shagohod) but today i suddenly find it does not work. I did erase the memcard and created a new one because i was afrait that any new save from different games i plan to play would also be corrupted. I heard something about savestates option. Is it better than to save on the memcard?

(02-10-2017, 01:23 PM)FlatOut Wrote: Try copying the older save to a new memory card and see if it loads that.

Sadly i forgot that the PCSX2 can go into the browser and that i can copy my things from memorycard 1 into memorycard 2. It is funny though that both my newest save and my 2 days old save was broken.
You shut off mgs3 too quickly. The game is fickle with timing. And pcsx2 isn't 100% accurate with the game

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