Help -- Moved pcsx program to new folder and lost saves
Hi, I wanted to organize my desktop a bit, so I moved the pcsx related things into another folder. Now I can't access my FFX saves, ahh, 30 hours gone to waste? Lemme nkow if thers a solutiohn, thnx...

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...Ummm-- Just move the saves, too...
Tried the MemoryCard Manager at all?

Move your memcard files back to where they are supposed to be. Or if you like the new location, just open PCSX2 and point to the save folder. I'm not sure how to do this since I will never do something like this but there must be an option in PCSX2. Moving an installed program directory can be a bad thing especially when you know not what you do. The program must have written many thing in different places in the computer. And to change the folder location, you must change all the values it has written.

If I were you now I would delete the PCSX2 registry key in HKCU->PCSX2 and start configuring it over again. That may be the simplest method. And again, don't do such a thing in the future.
I see. Thanks for the responses. Is there a folder where the saves have gone to to search for?

Hey, I think I found them. Thanks!

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