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Help! My Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria freeze.
(08-14-2015, 07:30 PM)Chr0m3 Wrote: that will break your savegame irremediably if you have any cheats on (that includes pnach hacks, codebreaker, gameshark, and even OPL's Mode 6)

Well that's not completely true.
I have a save at the beginning of the game that game all of the best items and those that are needed to get all of the skills that is worth getting and most importantly 99999 crystals.
I clear the game at least 3 times on my PS2 without any problems.

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If you use the code that Ryudo posted, then yes, you can use cheats too, but you need to have a clean savegame -> apply "Ignore Gameguard" code -> apply cheats. If that savegame you have was made like that then it is no problem, but normally the game will corrupt a savegame that uses cheats if the Gameguard is not disabled.

Sorry if I wasn't clear enough.
PS: Star Ocean 3 also has the same kind of cheat protection like Valkyrie Profile 2.
I didn't use his code,nor I ever used such code.
It was clean save copied from my PS2 memory card,then the changes(the items and the crystals)were added while using that save on pcsx2 and after that the save was returned back to the ps2 memory card.

Edit:About SO3 I used a lot more cheats and never encounter any problem...clear the game more than 3 times
Alright I just went back to Valhalla after restarting the game with the cheat provided, and I can say it works! Didn't get any freeze after getting back Rufus.
Thanks everyone.

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