Help Needed- Slide Method Inaffective
Uhm, i have a slide card and ive been testing it out on MY Fatty, but disc (Bios Dumping DIsc) wont read on PS2. I tested to see if it might be the disc i burned but, PS2 wont read my legitimate PS1 disc after i use the slide method either. Does anyone know what the problem might be? Ill come back soon to check on this.

If you need more info ill give it to you when i can.

For now:
Slide Method opens tray, and can lock tray back into place but discs not being read.
Dump File on CD:
Burned with Power2Go or ImgBurn, i dont rememeber which.
Its not the swap device. Its the actual swapping thats freezing PS2 and it wont read anything after trays opened with slide card.

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