Help Please :)
Hey guys

I am new to this PCSX2 stuff so please help me out with this little problem ;D

I am trying to run Galaxy Angel: Zettai Ryouiki no Tobira with these settings:

[Image: sdasdasi.jpg]

Uploaded with

But the lower part of the screen is missing:

[Image: sdfsdfs.jpg]

Uploaded with

I have absolutely no idea how to fix this and I have checked a lot of forum posts via google but that didnt help Wacko

I am currently using PCSX2 (svn) May 29 2010

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try running in SW mode?

also, update GSdx
How do I run in SW mode Wacko?

And What does SW mean Tongue2?
SW = software

switch to Sw mode by hitting F9 ingame
I tried updating to GSDX 0.1.13 which is the latest version apparantly


But the lower part of the screen is still missing Wacko
Switching to SW ingame didnt fix the problem either Sad

The lower part is still missing Wacko
try native resolution
Intel 486 DX33 33Mhz
S3 Graphics Trio64V+
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That fixed the problem Laugh

Thanks a lot guys Laugh!
well, guess the when in doubt is "try native" now lol

and the newest plugins are here on the forum in the official sections. ngemu isn't updated

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