Help! Problem with joystick detection in the emulator (Solved)
The problem comes when trying to use a game that requires the right stick of the joystick (only tested in mercenarie) the new thing is that it downloads the program SCPserver, as you recommended, and the thing is that the pointing of the right stick is no longer useful and The new target comes out with the R2 and L2 buttons no longer with the right stick, what can I do now with this problem? Driver error Configuration error? Any help?

Solution: Hey mates, the solution is more simple than it appeared, the solution isn't change the program to use the joystick, the solution is going to config > Joystick and configure the RX and RY because this is configured to use the JO_...2 in both options (in my case) and you must have this in differents numbers. Remember axis X is - and axis Y is |.

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Sorry, we don't use motioninjoy.
try fireshock or SCP server reloaded
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(05-10-2017, 06:59 PM)Meroco Wrote: The problem comes when you enter a game that requires the right stick (i only try in Mercenaries), does not detect the movement in vertical but when it moves horizontally or diagonally it responds by moving up and left or down and right simultaneously. Do you know if this error has a solution?

PD: I use Motioninjoy and when I go to calibrate it detects the right stick.

MotionInJoy is obsolete, try the other aforementioned alternatives above.
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