[Help-Request] Configuration settings
Hello everyone,

I created this topic because i didn't know how to configure my "pcsx2 0.9.8"
i use an
cpu: "Intel Core cpu i7 m640"
ram: 8gb ram
system: 64bit system, windows 7
video card: nvidia geforce gt 330m

i dumped my ps2 system succesfully but now i don't know how to adjust the rest of the setting for my system .

I'm looking forward to your replies.

Best regards,


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Well settings will heavilly depend on games you'll run, each one will have different requirements and will gain or loose from different options:]. Generally you have pretty decent CPU, GPU isn't soo awfull either, probably will be enough to play many games at native or even x2 scalling(options in GSdx plugin which you should choose - SSE4 version and DX11 renderer). Lots of less demanding games will work without any other settings, or while using recomended speedhacks. But like I said that depends on the game. If you post some titles of the games you have, people who tried those games will be able to give better advice.
okay thanks. DX11 software or hardware ? And what about other settings ? I mean all of them... sound other plugins bla bla bla Laugh

Games: Sly 3, Bully, Humans Vs Aliens
you should use hardware all the time ( software mode usually have half of the speed of hardware mode )
leaving the rest of the plugins is a good idea if you dont know what to do with them Wink
only GSDX what really maters keep resolution on native and you should have respectful speed
wait how can you chose DX11 only DX10 should be available ( because your GPU doesn't support it ) anyway they are exactly the same ( in pcsx2 only Tongue )

Edit : in order to play Sly 3 without graphical problem you need to run it on Software mode Glare
Edit2: you have a laptop ! just put power plan to high performance while playing it is good Smile
well on an intel mobile i5 2430 at 2.4 ghz and an nvidia gt 555m card, sly 3 with speedhacks enabled runs at 40 fps average. So I have to enable frame skipping for better speed. Renderer at Directx 11.

ok with a few tweaks (supervu, skipdraw and directx 9 renderer) game runs at 60 most of the time though with a few speed glitches

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