[Help Request] - Nefarius/ScpToolkit Constant Disconnects and BSOD!
[Edit] - Never mind, I finally found the cause and fix Laugh

Hello all, first of let me apologise if this is in the wrong thread, I'm new here and wasn't really sure what would be the best place. Anyway, I'm hoping someone could help me please, because I'm completely stuck.

I'm using SCPToolKit (AKA - SCP DS3 by Nefarius) I've definitely installed everything correctly, I don't receive any errors while installing, I've triple checked, but for some reason every time I press any of the top buttons on the controller, (L1-L2 & R1-R2) the controller freezes the game instantly for a few seconds, disconnects from the PC, then immediately reconnects... and to make it worse, it has Blue Screened my PC 3 times while trying to test it last night.
Could anyone offer me any advice with this issue please, as I simply can't understand why it's doing this Sad

I'm not 100% what info is required, so I'll post as much as I can think of but if you require additional info, please just ask.

Windows 7 x64 (fresh install and completely up to date: all drivers, updates, MV C++ x86 & x64 from 2005 to 2016, Framework 4.6.1)
Controller Genuine DS3 (N1158) on the back of the controller

Again, if anyone can offer me any help I would be entirely grateful, as I've spent a good 5 hours late last night trying everything I could think of to fix this issue, and a couple hours Googling a fix too... but to no availĀ  Sad

[Update] -- Ok this is weird! This issue happens every time and all the time when playing GTA 5, but it doesn't happen when playing other games. It's like the driver has issues with only GTA V :\
Also regarding GTA 5, it works in the menus, it works in-game (except the top bumper buttons that have the issue), but it won't allow me to Calibrate the controller in the menu, it doesn't recognise it's there. :\

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Yep. Wrong thread. I'm sure a mod will be along either to move your post to the main Scp Server reloaded thread or close this one altogether. For your convenience, you'll want to ask your question here: http://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-ScpToolki...d?page=187

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