[Help] Turn off texture filtering in software mode
hi there, i've almost run metal gear solid 3 at 60 fps in software mode, but i've many drops in fps in animated secuences and some complex areas, the thing is that i've noticed that in SW the texture filtering is enabled (by ps2 native filtering) and it would be very helpful if anyone knows how to turn it off and i'd check if that gives some more fps, i attached some screenshots so you can understand what i'm talking about

Software Mode - Texture Filtering

Hardware Mode - Texture Filtering

Hardware Mode - No Texture Filtering

i like SW mode because i like how it looks

thanks in advance for your help

my system:
windows 7 ultimate sp1 x64 w/ latest drivers and updates
pcsx2 1.0.0 - gsdx 10 avx
asus m5a88v evo
amd fx 6100
4gb kingston (single channel)
on board radeon 4250 (for the moment)

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It's the game's mechanic, in software mode, because it is accurate it emulates that mechanic too, it matches the way it looks on a real PS2.
But some people prefer not using texture filtering coz some games look sharper and faster...and also software mode less issue than hardware... I hope gsdx devs could give option turn on and turn off texture filtering Smile
Yeah, sometimes point gives an interesting look. Should be relatively easy I suppose.
[Image: nbKSK.jpg]
What I said is that this texture filtering on that game, is a game itself mechanic not gsdx's, like some games offer antialiasing natively, this one gives texture filtering.
Quicky, no GUI work. You'll have to select a HW mode, change the setting then select SW mode.

Index: plugins/GSdx/GSRendererSW.cpp
--- plugins/GSdx/GSRendererSW.cpp    (revision 5441)
+++ plugins/GSdx/GSRendererSW.cpp    (working copy)
@@ -960,7 +960,7 @@
            gd.sel.tfx = context->TEX0.TFX;
            gd.sel.tcc = context->TEX0.TCC;
            gd.sel.fst = PRIM->FST;
-            gd.sel.ltf = m_vt.IsLinear();
+            gd.sel.ltf = m_filter == 2 ? m_vt.IsLinear() : m_filter != 0;

            if(GSLocalMemory::m_psm[context->TEX0.PSM].pal > 0)

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[Image: nbKSK.jpg]
Since I am not coder or programer, all I have to do is wait kindness of devs to give option turn off and turn on , in the GUI Smile. Thank you
"You'll have to select a HW mode, change the setting then select SW mode."

^KrossX told you EXACTLY how to do it
I have selected HW mode change setting and change to SW mode, but it is still filtered ( I use gsdx 5412)... It's not work Sad ... Saiki I guess you wrong. All you have to do is compile attached krossX file and do his instruction... Am I right krossX Smile
The instructions are indeed only valid for the posted modification. Attached however, is a build ready to be tested and the patch itself. Using the snaps, there also seemed to be an interesting speed boost sometimes.

#EDIT: New build/patch with GUI changed attached. Now you can always set the texture filtering option.

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