Help, Very low FPS
Ok so I am running windows 8.1 on an FX6300 Proncessor and an AMD Radeon 7700 but get 20fps when playing any game. I have viewed numerous tutorials on how to maximize me FPS and even downloaded a game boosted, however none of this has worked. Do I have a GPU and Processor that just cant handle these emulators, or am I doing something wrong? I just feel that a 6core processor and a decent gfx should be able to easily play these games.

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What games are you running? Have you set your computer's Power plan to "High Performance" to see if that would make a difference?
CPU: AMD Ryzen 3700X @ 3.6 GHz
(01-10-2015, 04:50 AM)junknaut Wrote: What games are you running? Have you set your computer's Power plan to "High Performance" to see if that would make a difference?

It's not a laptop.
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(01-10-2015, 05:18 AM)KeyToTruth12 Wrote: It's not a laptop.
It also helps increase performance in desktop.

Use the mtvu hack.
and what game are you trying to play ?
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If you used some tutorials, there's a high probability your settings are messed up. If your EE and VU cycle stealing speedhacks are too high up it'll kill your speed. With that processor you should be able to play most games fine, and the demanding ones if you overclock. Also check that your resolution is not too high under GSDX settings. Set your EE and VU speedhacks to 1, maybe 2, and set the resolution to 3x. Also, turn on default speedhacks and MTVU.
Currently the only game Im trying to play is Collage Hoops 2k8. I have done all the above, my FPS have raised from 20ish to bouncing from 40-60. There is a lag still. Im not sure if I am at my limit, but things have improved, I was hoping for a better result. Obviously I dont have the most advanced rig, so all and any advice in much appreciated.
The FX6300 doesn't have much single threaded performance which is much needed for PCSX2, or emulating in general. You might need to overclock it (I'm not sure if Collage Hoops 2k8 is a demanding game though, as I've never tried it out myself). As for other settings, your manual gamefixes should most likely be disabled unless you have specific errors that can be fixed with such, and I think the 77x0 should be fit for upscaling, although not sure how it'll fare if you have MSAA or other fancy hacks on.
I'm getting a steady 45-50 FPS now, the audio is just all wacked out now lol. Thank you for all the help.
If you are not running at full speed the async mix option in synchronization mode (SPU2-X) is the best option.

Those cpu's really love to be overclocked. This would be probably the best solution to increase your overall performance and I would guess there are thousands of guides in the net how to overclock it...
That aduio fix not only fixed the audio, it also is making my game play a LOT faster. I feel like im almost there. I Downloaded an NCAA Gamebreaker 04, it runs VERY smooth now, the only times it slows is during a tackle or or catch, I feel like im almost there to having this work perfectly.

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