[Help] Wild Arms ACF config
I am a newbie on this forum and I'm hoping someone who could help me in my problem about the right config for WA ACF

ah ya see I've been playing this game for a month already and I have come to notice that there is something wrong with my wild arms acf version

after looking for some screen shots in the internet I have notice something its about this pic...

[Image: Review-PS2-WACodedArms-02.jpg]

[Image: wild-arms-alter-code-f-20051130022257809-000.jpg]

and this pic
[Image: zur2nl.jpg]

you see the difference right?

can you help me about the config of my emulator?

I'm using pcsx 0.9.8

and this is my pc specs

Windows XP
Pentium® Dual-Core CPU
E5700 @3.00GHz
3.01 GHz, 2.00 GB of RAM

any help will be appreciated and thnx in advance~♪

sorry for my bad english Dx

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Hardware rendering isn't perfect, unfortunately.
It should look fine in software.
you guys should just set the software renderer as the default so there won't be many of these minor graphics issues. BTW, what's wrong with the menu in hardware mode? I don't see anything wrong there besides the migrant gauge.
look at the 2nd pic clearly below the status of the character (health bar, mp bar and force bar) are somehow different

about the migrant bar its purely black I can't event judge if my migrant bar is either full or empty ftw!
@drhycodan software mode is mostly slow in most computers except the insane high end rigs....this is the reason h/w mode is preferred...but it does have its drawbacks....both have pros and cons so its up to the user to decide and use which renderer they want...
sengoku, does emma's download skill work in software renderer? I heard from someone that pcsx2 crashes if you perform emma's download skill with the software renderer. Can you confirm this?
from my experience if i use software as renderer the game does not crash if I use Emma's Download skills but my fps got slower into 30-40 fps.


Is the graphic is natural or bug?
The only graphic glitch is the migrant gauge which is fixed when using software renderer.
(01-19-2012, 02:07 AM)DrHycodan Wrote: The only graphic glitch is the migrant gauge which is fixed when using software renderer.

I tried switching into software renderer but nothing changes~

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