Help With Bin and Cue Files
Hi im new here! Smile
Anyway I download the bin and cue files for digimon world 1 and converted the bin into an iso and extracted its files into a folder in case I need to do that. But isos seem to have to be in an achieve or something to play them and when i put the iso into an archieve it didn't work on the emulator. I also tried with the iso files, but I didn't use the cue file at all.
So what do you do with bin files (or extracted iso files) to make them work on the emulator? Hopefully it doesn't involve any cd burning..

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we don't support pirates. get the ACTUAL cDVD and rip it yourself, then it will work

quick edit: isn't DW1 a PSX game, nota PS2 game? work work on PCSX2 if it is
We don't support piracy here.
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As our rules state (rule #1) no support for piracy in these forums.
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