Help With Bios Please
Hey, i have read (and been confused) by the walkthrough. I currently have the latest version of Psx2 and i got FF x. I used poweriso to grab the game information, and there is an image file, however i cannot open it, and whenever i try to run the game no file shows up, so i am unable to start it. whenever i double click the img file, it says that i don't have a program to use it, then it opens up dvd decrypter, and if i try to do anything to the img it says it wont work Wacko any advice is helpful thanks!
and ps. i cant get past the first time configuration thing because it says i have no bios to play, even though im pretty sure i have a bio in the bio folder

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Did you put your BIOS in the bios folder?
IOPRP274.IMG is not an ISO file, if you are using your real dvd, please put it in the drive and point Gigaherzcdvd plugin to that drive, if it is an iso, do NOT mount it and use the internal iso loader on PCSX2 to point to that file.
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the bios thing is the power.iso thing right? im kinda confused as to what it looks like
The bios is the thing you extracted from your ps2.
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i was mounting the image before aha, but now when i try to point it there, it doesn't show up on the list for some reason
To make an ISO of a game disc, download Imgburn and use that to "Create image file from disc".

To use the internal ISO loader. Go to:

CDVD -> Iso Selector -> Browse...

Locate your ISO file on your computer. Make sure the Iso option is marked in that CDVD menu.

Now, Boot CDVD (fast or full).

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