Help With My Port Of PCSX2 Please
I have been trying to create an up-to-date build of the Mac port using the source code and the linux build script. I had gotten past the issue of X11/Xlib.h not found by changing the code in all of the source files to point to /opt/X11/include/X11/Xlib.h but then encountered the problem of Xlib.h trying to call X11/X.h and it not being able to be found. Is there any way to use symlinks to redirect X11/X.h to /opt/X11/include/X11/X.h or some other workaround?

Thanks for any help you guys can give,

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I am not sure but I think pcsx2 can not be compiled on the mac atm.
I think it is due to lack of front-end support (while the backend might be linux-like).
Also new mac versions are 64bit and pcsx2 builds hardly on linux 64bit.

Do you really make a whole port to mac? I think there are already two people working on rewriting parts of the frontend. In the git rep are one or two threads concerning this if I am not wrong.

Another possibiliy would be to use make a wineskin port and use the windows version...
I have used wineskin wrappers and made my own but none of them live up to the standard that an actual binary would. I will look into working on or off some of the other ports in progress instead of making my own. Correct me if I'm wrong but the 64 bit doesn't really seem like the problem because Mac OS X is capable of running 32bit applications and libraries so a 32 bit build would be possible but not as good as a 64 bit one.
Compiling in 64bit is not possible and some linux 64bit distros have problems compiling 32bit apps. I've heard that backward compatibility in osx is much superior to some linux distros so maybe this will not be your main problem.

But front end will...
Have a look as well here

Hm.. somehow I mixed something up.. at least I think. The front end is not the main problem even if it is annoying. But some other problems like gcc vs clang, 32-bit dependencies and maybe some win-exclusive stuff that was wrapped for linux and needs to be wrapped for mac as well.

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