Help a Noobie out with settings
Hi guys first of all i'd like to say to the devs of this project Kudos, great emulation i've seen some very good youtube videos of what it can do.

Now as u may have guessed i've only just got it and the configuring is very overwhelming even with the guides so im out to ask for some help in setting up my emulator to play Final Fantasy X with the highest possible graphics settings for my machine. Which is as follows

Core i7-920 2.79 GHz
6GB DDR3 1600 MHz ram
HD 5850 1GB DirectX 11 Graphics
24inch HD samsung full 1080p monitor

I am a bit of a dunse when it comes to the Emulator configs so if anyone could help me out to set it up properly, even provide me with config files if possible that would really help. As stated i only want to play my FFX in HD cause the HD remake for PS3 is taking way too long lol.

Any help would be apreciated thanks guys

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Well with just a slightly more powerful rig. I run with everything on default except the for the video plug in setting which I'm using 6x Native resolution with 4x MSAA and and Skipdraw set to 1 in the hardware hacks section. For you to prevent lag you may need to tone down the settings, but just have a play around and see what work well.

I'm a bit of an amateur myself so I'm sure there's a couple more things they you may be able to tweak but just see how your computer goes with increased internal resolution to begin with. This is where most of the difference seems to be made.
(01-19-2013, 01:57 PM)Livy Wrote:

As i mentioned i've already looked at the guides and am confused by them, if all i wanted was a link to the guide i wouldnt be here.

To SenpaiHappy, thanks for the advice i will just have a play around and see what works what helps and what dont, at this point i'd just like to get the game looking as good as possible then deal with dialing it down for performance bit by bit.
I can tell you the correct settings and needed tweaks for that game right now, but I cannot do it each time you play a game. If you have read the guide, you'll know the basics and it would be easier for both you and us. Some people here report a variety of strange problems because they mess with the settings they don't know.

I myself spent an hour on that guide when I was new, and I did not understand more than 50% of it for the first time to be honest. But I got the basic ideas. I got the other after a prolonged usage. And now I hardly need any help running any games, unless that game has too many specific issues. So I recommend you the same.

The best way to help a person is helping him do it himself, not get it done for him.
This is literally the ONLY game i want to play, so i wont be here asking for settings every other day, once again you fail to READ my post. As you said yourself "some people here report a variety of strange problems because they mess with the settings they don't know" Guess what i do not know any of the settings cause the guide confusses me. So if you would be so kind as to share the settings that you yousrelf use for Final Fantasy X the only game that i have any interest in using an emulation for (cause unlike my other PS2 games it plays like crap on the PS3) it would be a big help.

I have re-read the guide again and it just messes up my brain as i said im no good at this stuff, but i just want to play my FFX, so here i am.
default settings + 2x or 3x native resolution should be fine
CPU : AMD Ryzen 7 3800X
Mobo : Asus PRIME B450-PLUS
GPU : NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070
RAM : 16 Go
Managed to get it looking ok...not much better then on the ps3 but at least it runs faster, thanks

EDIT: ok looking good now, i even got my PS3 controller to work with the emulator however im having some sound issues, i dunno if its normal or not. every now and then im geting highpitched noises, Audio is working fine other then that. Anyone had this? (the issue)
Do you use async mixing? Revert all SPU2-X settings to their default and try again.
They were all set to default to begin with, it does not matter i have figured it out, it was a bad ISO of the game, i made the iso from my original it must have been damaged or something cause i downloaded one off the net and it works perfect with no sound issues. So problems over im now playing and hearing FFX perfectly Laugh Thanks to those who offered advice. You can close this thread down now mods

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