Help about FPS
Here are a few things that bug the hell out of me =)
in the screenshot it says that SSE3 is ok but in the other screenshot it says its not when trying to use that plugin
AND now the FPS i get in Dynasty Warriors 5 and the graphical bugs

Iv got a Nvidia GeForce 8500GT 512MB PS3.0

EDIT: ok dont need to explain the first 2 but the last picture somehow irritates me and wont let me play any of my 3 ps2 games (dynasty warriors 5, rayman 3, battlefield 2)
heres what i put as plugin thingies

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first, GSDX SSSE3 requires SSSE3 and you only have SSE3. PCSX2 doesn't report whether you have SSSE3 or not.

As for the graphics, try toggling Logarithmic Z in the graphics plugin
No that didnt work
As for the FPS of the game, it'd be nice to know the specs of your PC.

Some tips to get a bit of extra speed, though:

- Close every needless program running in the background(like FireFox and MSN, which can be seen in the last two of your screens)
- Enable Speedhacks. The Sync Hack x2 and Sync Hack x3 may cause some problems with games(most notably is perhaps the skippy/jumpy sound and voices in FMVs and scenes. Sync Hack x1.5 is good most of the time, though).
- Make an ISO of the game(Google it if you don't know how). It generally is much faster than running it using a DVD.
- Go to GSDx's options and set the D3D Internal Resolution to "Native". It'll make the game look worse, but it might give you more speed(I've seen some weird cases, though, in which the game actually runs FASTER when it's set to something other than Native, such as 1280x800 for me. Can anyone explain that?)
Well ya can actually see all the specs one is in the screenshot and the graphics card and ram are written down so yea. But i need to fix the damn graphic bug thing or else i cant play it =I even if i have 60 fps
Gsdx require SSSE3, and you only have SSE3.

Sorry about that one. What is your GPU, though?
Also, you could try the Betas and newest plugins. They are normally faster than the official release, and as time goes, they fix more and more things(even though this looks more like a problem with GSDx and not something related to the emulator itself. And unluckily, Gabest hasn't been really doing much to the Hardware renderer of the plugin lately).

Seriously, though, Logarithmic Z should have fixed that. You could always use ZeroGS instead of GSDx, but the game might actually run worse(not always the case, but it does happen that way most of the time).


EDIT: Oh! Is Alpha Correction enabled? Try toggling that one, if it isn't.
oh yea alpha is enabled im trying those beta thingies and im making an iso file maybe its gonna run faster... BTW quick question I wonder if i cud play Kessen 3 Im doing this cause of that game actually =I
No idea about Kessen. Sorry.
The PCSX2 official site lists it as "Playable" as of 0.9.5, though, so it SHOULD be playable in the Official Playground Release and the Betas. No promises, though. >_>
yeah i saw that and was like OMG YEY WTH MY FAV GAME OF ALL TIME IS PLAYABLE!! Time to try the emu with my current ps2 games! and well it seems i failed so far xD. So lets see when the iso is done so i can go try the beta thingies. Hope theyr better =D

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