Help action replay max pcsx2????
So, i'm starting the ar max, at the main screen I change the ar max with the game iso, i go to expert mode, and i choose the codes. When the ar max works stops suddenly and the pcsx2 sends me this error:
..\..\FiFo.cpp(46) : assertion failed:
Function: ReadFIFO_VIF1
Thread: EE Core
Condition: vif1Regs.stat.FQC != 0
Message: FQC = 0 on VIF FIFO READ!

[00] 0x006B9BDE
[01] 0x006C773A
[02] 0x006C7A1F
[03] 0x0181D06B
[04] 0x004B8E95
[05] 0x0045B1EE
[06] 0x0045B19E
[07] 0x00495B31
[08] 0x0048683F
[09] 0x00497126
[10] ptw32_mutex_check_need_init
[11] endthreadex
[12] endthreadex
[13] GetModuleFileNameA
can someone help me?

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