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Hi... as a noob here nobody bothers helping me.. but i don't mind and write this topic.

I have a problem with controls at pcsx2 0.9.7. I can't save my controls in order to do anything.every time i hit save it says :

:: Error Writing Configuration File.
Unable to save settings. Make sure the disk is not full or write protected, the file isn't write protected, and that the app has permissions to write to the directory. On Vista try running in administrator mode.

I don't use vista nor win 7 .. but XP. Any tips? Plz help me i'm looking for help for 3 hours strait posting threads reading topics about my problem and still nobody bothered helping me.


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Did you try installing and/or moving the whole PCSX2 folder to my documents? Is your user set as an Administrator on that PC?
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yes.. i have only one user on the PC.. and what do you mean about moving? I read about this somewhere else and did'nt specify what to move. The folder in C/programfiles/pcsx2 ???
Cause if not.. When i installed the app it saved a folder at my documents. (a write only folder named pcsx2 and it contains the memos, ssstates , snaps and etc)

thx for helping
Yes I meant moving the whole folder but since you used the installer, uninstall it (keep your bios files somewhere) then install it again but on your My Documents folder and not on program files.
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thx a lot man... for all your help

(na sai kala kai na boithas panta ta noobs.)

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