Help for MGS2
I've been trying out how to run MGS2 Substance properly and I've encountered the most common issue: slowdown during cutscenes and certain parts of the game (the skating game is downright unplayable and I've seen no Google results on it so far).  I have found out that one of the main fixes for this is just playing on a better PC rig (which does not really help me).

I'd like to know or hear about some settings I could play around with or set in order to reduce (possibly remove?) this issue.

i5-7300HQ CPU @ 2.50 GHz
GeForce MX150
Windows 10

PCXS 1.6.0

Based off experience and research, the other alternative would be to download the latest dev version.  If that will be where I end up, may I also know which settings should I play around with?

Thanks for any assistance or feedback that may be given.

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Laptops are tricky since they're cpu's are limited so they don't get too hot.

I'd say try the recommended speed hacks and set you power plan to high performance. I'm not familiar with that particular gpu but try running the game at native first and then go up from there.

Sadly, emulation on a laptop is quite a bit more difficult unless you have a monster of a gaming laptop. Getting a PC version of MGS2 is near impossible and also getting it to run on modern systems is tedious at best.
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That's rough. I'll see how it be and hope for the best

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