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Help for MLB Power Pros
Help for MLB Power Pros

At my wits end....if its just not possible then so be it. I'd really like to get this game working as close to full speed with or without sound. I have the original disk, but also have the .iso on my PC if that helps runs better. Here are my laptop specs:

Intel Core 2 Dou T5270 @ 1.40GHz 795 MHz, 2GB RAM
Intel Graphics Media Accelerator Mobile (ugh)
DirectX 9.0

I've played with the different plug-ins and configurations but cant seem to get it right, maybe I'm missing something. lol, this right now is my only source for playing this game (really good/fun baseball sim) and would really appreciate any help, thanks.


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you cant get full specs with a weak cpu and an even weaker graphics card that is integreted
q6600 OC @ 3.3Ghz, 4gb ddr2 ram, nvidia gtx 260, 2x 1 tb hard disk
How did you get it to run? Mine just has a black screen when I load it.
For anyone who wants to play MLB POWER PROS 2008, it works using the beta release (haven't tried the stable official release it probably works too)
I bought the actually game though and am playing off the DVD rom drive
played a bit more and it crashed twice with 1888 beta during practice
played with official release, one whole game without crashes
the intro movies are not viewable, no biggie

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