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Okay so I was at a friends house and he was having problems with pcsx2 saying that the controls weren't working. So I redownloaded pcsx2 and the controls still weren't working. So I go and look at the controller plugin and it was detecting 3 keyboards when he only has one connected. The other two were the exact same thing, some kinda USB DX Keyboard and the normal WM Keyboard thingy. Is there a way to fix that other than just using a 360 or ps3 controller? BTW his pc specs are worst than mine I think he has a AMD E-??? so I've already advised him that he wont get any real playable speed even if he does fix the problem.

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Check the driver status of that controller. As long as it supports DirectInput, it should work (maybe Xinput as well?). Open Control Panel and see if Windows receives input from that controller.

And you're right, he'll get 10 - 20 FPS with the E series APU.
The controller is fine however since it's mine and i only have one for my ps3 i can't let him hog it. So I'm tryin to figure out the whole thing with the emu detecting 3 different keyboards when he only has one plugged in. I tried the drivers and that didn't fix anything it is still detecting 3 of them. Any help? Also i wanted to note that it is able to bind the controls to a button on the keyboard but it assigns it to the WM keyboard but in game nothing works.
Has he used other keyboards on it? Or controllers for that matter? The emulator saves each device used on the system. This is so you don't have to remap the controls each time its plugged in.
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nope he only has one keyboard as far as i know. He has however said that he's used another ps3 controller(not mine) on the system and it worked fine. Apparently the keyboard issue was the reason that he went with a controller in the first place, but since he was only borrowing the controller(not mine) he had to give it back.
Then first thing u should try is go to pcsx2 config tab & clear all settings (u'r memory cards will not be affected),maybe savestates deleted.again configure settings in pcsx2.while configuring settings,slect overwrite not import.if problem still pcsx2 to another drive.remember don't install it to c: program files.c: pcsx2 is fine.because windows 7 has a permission bug that don't let u change settings or problems appear in games.see if it helps!!
Maybe all this is moot because the machine is just too slow to get any near the expected FPS, even for the less demanding games, well, at least you may get the control working but not much above this.
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I know it's all moot but he won't stop bugging me so imma just tell him to get a darn controller(which is easier to use than the keyboard) and leave me alone. Also I didn't use the installer for pcsx2 i got the latest svn for him and extracted it to his desktop.

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