Help in general :P
hey guys i have a pc that can run crysis on max settings no prob heres the specs

AMD Anthalon II x4 620 processor 2.6ghz quad core
Ati 5850 Hd videocard (3gbs available)
4gbs of ram
(if im missing other important specs let me know)

so my problem here isnt my hardware its my config and plugins and such. Im also having trouble loading a plugin

i get a few Plugin load errors for the gsdx sse2 r1873

im also having trouble running kh2 without some kind of slowdown or graphical error i know its possible to run it flawlessly since i have seen it done on youtube at full speed (the guys guide didnt help) his guide recommended gsdx r1872 but i cant get it to load

im using my real copy of kh2 if that matters (framerate and speedwise)

and is there a perfect set of configuations that will run all playable games perfectly (for the most part)
also i have tried versions 0.9.6 and the new 1888 beta

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What settings? what errors do you get?
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64
you mean all of my graphics cpu etc settings? and i fixed it so there is very little graphical problems but it still slows down at points to where its just annoying (to about half speed) any way to keep it at full speed at all times?

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