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Help me Guys fight night round 3
Lol, okay, about 30fps now minimum, much better, anyway anymore settings i could add?


i get good FPS on menus, about 60, but when it comes to the fight itself, it drops to 30

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are you using the latest beta and the laest gsdx?
nope, i use PCSX2 0.9.6 and the latest gsdx 0.1.8

is that right?
gsdx is quite newed than 0.1.8 (0.1.15 revisions are out)
and there's anew beta for pcsx2 in this section, stickied
okay i will try that beta sir. lol, here's that sir again Tongue2

@edit, i got the new beta sir, what speedhacks can you suggest?
EE1.5 and the first step of VU cycle stealing work well for me.
okay sir, at least i see some 40fps kicking while in the game, whew, it's kinda tiring configuring these emulator, but i know it's worth it.

@edit, just wanna ask if fight Night is really slow at Main Menu?
wel, if you had dx10 abilities it migh go even faster.

and stop calling me sir. I'm only 3 years older than you. yer makin me feel old Tongue
that what did i say from the begging
awtz. so it really requires me to have Vista? but for now, i'll just try to endure the pain of low fps Tongue2

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