Help me Onimusha 4 Daw of Dream
I have PCSX2 0.9.8 and 0.9.7, I can play Onimusha 4 on 0.9.7 but I can't watch movie because that break, so i use 0.9.8, it can load save game but it's not running, so What wrong, Who can help me, please Laugh

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You could try the latest SVN build.
It may have the issue sorted out.

I know the game worked back with 0.9.6,
but said issue came up in later revisions (around 0.9.7, I think).
I think there might have been a patch for the game,
which fixed the loading issue for what it was broke in.

Try the SVN first, though.
It will be a lot simpler. Smile
oh, 0.9.8 auto install it, but it not running, may be I will test 0.9.6
It has been fixed in the SVN, use that
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