Help me Pls!!
uhmm can anyone help me with my DB budokai tenkaichi 3?.. heres my problem when i start DB budokai tenkaichi 3 and begin the story mode my screen has this blinking problem where i find it so annoying... its not like theres a problem with my monitor but ive been using this monitor with other games and its working properly... am pretty sure theres a problem with my configuration but ahh i cant seem to figure it out.. thats all thanks..

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3 options :
- make an iso of your game (if not done yet) and convert it to NTSC
- use latest plugins pack (march 2010) and enable progressive scan mode
- use gsdx 0.1.5

and next time, please,use the search function. there are tons of threads about this.
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aight thanks again!
erm, not really relevant for mac, as there's no gsdx, assuming this has been posted in right section?

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