Help me Upgrade
Specs are as follows

AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+ (Dual Core at 2.2Ghz)
NVidia geforce 8600 gts (256mb)

PCSX2 works great, but I've accepted the fact that with my current (and olllllld) build, I won't be pumping out more than 35-45fps for actual gameplay sequences. (I've tweaked pretty much everything I can think of)

Basically I'm wondering, what would be more of a bottleneck, the cpu or the videocard? Or both?

I have an M3A motherboard I'm not looking to replace and I've been browsing over some inexpensive yet sizable upgrades for either:



Thoughts and opinions?

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both are quite weak, but pcsx is generally more CPU demading than GPU demanding, so your CPu is the problem here.
Going for a Phenom is good but not enough. You will get average speeds in most games.

Read the stickies to know more about the recommended specs
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The cpu is alright for the price. If you overclock it a little you should get full speed in many popular titles.
That graphics card isn't worth paying for though. It has little to do with gaming ;p

Try this one instead:
the only weak point is the AMD phenom is the instrction set unless you must moved to intel-i it shall run almost no problems.

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