Help me config FFX please.
I know it works, and I know it can work perfectly because I did have it working perfectly.

I just can't remember what I changed, I changed the settings to try playing SotC and it messed everything up for FFX.

I have duel core AMD at 2.8ghz
4gb of RAM running Vista x64
nVidia 9800gtx+

I have the sound working perfectly. And the game seems to run fine speedwise, but there are some gfx glitches like flashing and missing geometry in the intro.

Any and all help is appreciated and if I haven't given enough info just let me know what you need to know.

BTW I get problems no matter if I use GDX or zerogs.

Thank you.

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what is your pcsx2 config?
I'm not sure wether this is what you mean or not but here is my config:

GFX plugin = Gsdx 883 (MSCV 15.00, sse2) 0.1.13
controller plugin is lillypad 0.9.9
cdvdrom plugin is linuz iso cdvd 0.8.0
usb is usbnull driver 0.5.0
sound plugin is spu2-x 1.2.0
dev9 is dev9null driver 0.3.0
bios = Japan v01.00(17/01/2000) (I'm playing the Japanese version of FFX)

I hope this is the info you meant Smile
update the latest plugins..
[Image: 871087.png]

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I had pretty much the same problem. Get the latest Gsdx.

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