Help me get rumble to work
I have 2 different adapters and they came with no drivers, controllers work, but force feedback is greyed out on the plugin setting.
I don't know the brands of these adapters but one looks exactly like this:
[Image: PS2_PS3-USB-Adapter(Dragon).jpg]

And the other i bought recently and it said on the box that it is an adaptor to play with PS2 controllers on PS3, but also works on PC.
it looks exactly like this one:
[Image: New-font-b-USB-b-font-font-b-PS2-b-font-...E-font.jpg]

Both controllers works perfectly only problem is i don't know if/how to get rumble to work, maybe i need to install something..dunno.
I've tried PS2 and old grey PS1 controllers dual shock 1 and 2...dunno what can i try?


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You definitely need a driver to get force feedback. If the converter doesn't offer and driver support you can try installing several different "generic usb gamepad" drivers and see if they work. If not then I think you're out of luck.
I installed the drivers from the link on this video.

The name of my controller connected to the adaptor on the 2nd picture changed and now it vibrates.
However i'm not sure how to set it up properly on the plugin, cos now it randomly vibrates while playing.

As for the second controller, looks like i need a different driver for that adaptor(reffer to first pic). Anyone has one to share?

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