Help me in Growlanser Generation config
I search and found some threads related to this one, some helps, but not completely.

my specs:
Xeon [email protected]
ddr 4gb
win 7 32bit

PCSX2 0.9.6 setup package.
all setting/configuration are defaults (i'm not change anything since setup, I dont even need to...)

First, I can get to the game but also random 'hang' VERY frequently (growlanser 2). Later the game hang when I encountered my very first random battle (yeah... random).

Someone told me to try r1652, yes, that help the random battles (but frequent 'hang' problem still there...).

After 1 days playing the game, everything went fine (not so smoothly with random 'hang'). Suddenly, the game won't boot to Growlanser 2 menu anymore (pass the general boot menu, where you can choose between grow2 and grow3, then some logos, and hang right where the intro fmv should takes place). Thanks god I got save state, so I load the state and load again in game menu to where I should be.

So can anyone help me config the game so I can avoid getting hang ?

Thanks for reading my problem.

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