Help me optimize my PC
I have e8400 @ 4.05 ghz, evga 260gtx core 216 stock. 4 gb ram, 64 bit vista.

I can run most games at 200-300% with 1x emotion cycling, but that's too slow for me. I want to be able to run at 1000%, especially when grinding in rpgs. I hate slow leveling. I tried 4.5ghz and it runs at near 500% (tales of abyss, etc) but that heats up the processor too much.

What can I do? cycling x3 gets desired results, but causes too many crashes Y.Y i want 1000% or 500 fps on any/most games.

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This thread is a joke.
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Are you saying you can play at 600fps, really, even if you brain could see all 600fps do you think you can type that fast, how much is your monitor refresh rate.
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If you hate leveling up,just use some cheat for quick leveling up(more exp after battle)
Really this is ridiculous. Be glad you get this kind of great frame rates with a WIP emulator. Closed (no way you'll get any kind of speed like the one you mentioned with that PC)
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