Help me please
Hallo everybody i want to ask you for help i run Final Fantasy X on pcsx2 but its to slow it plays at 30 frames what can i do?

thank you for your time

my computer has:
AMD athlon™ 64 X2 Dual Core
cpu speed 2296 MHZ

Ati Radeon X1200 Series 700 MB

I have XP and windows 7 both on my computer...

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use dx10 hardware mode as your GPU seems to support it.
check native res in gsdx options
use a few speedhacks, (1 by 1) and it should do the trick
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Im fairly certain the x1200 does not support dx10. You should get the latest beta/plugins if you dont have them already and try using speedhacks as jesalvein mentioned.
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Thank you for your time jesalvein and GamerGeek you was a help!!! it Works!!! Smile I own you!! Smile hehe... Thank you for your time boys!!

P.S GamerGeek my x1200 does support dx10
Thaaaaaaaaaaaank you!!!

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