Help moving to a different build
Ive been wanting to download one of the newer builds you guys released just to be up to date. However, how do I move all my saves and such to the newer builds? What do I need to do so nothing gets lost in the transition.


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Find the PCSX2 folder, (if its the installed 9.8 version it might be in Documents, if not then in main folder) called "memcards", right click and cut (not copy, copy sometimes corrupts for me) and place it in the newer version folder, overwriting the blank "memcards" folder there.+^_^+ or you could place your "memcards" folder somewhere else entirely and use the Emulators Config>Memory cards>browse>Memcards (wherever you put it) and just map to those every time you upgrade to a newer revision+^_^+
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You can simply copy your memory cards, or just the entire folder,
into the new PCSX2 directory.

Don't be surprised if savestates are not compatible across versions, though.
I use Symlinks to a central memory card folder. Specially helpful with PSX emulators and the plugin/memcards folders.
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mklink is useful there, indeed--
but I think that may be asking the cart to pull the horse in this case. ;P
Second the part about Mem cards. Save states i've found to not work accross various versions
Alright thanks for the help and quick replies.

Ill do this once I get home and ask any other questions if any do come up.
Got everything working fine thus far. Thanks once again for the help!

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