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Help needed: Linux/Win32 commandline buildsystem?
Updated cmake system for zzogl to support win32, it's truly multiplatform now

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Just to weed out some wrong ideas here. I'm using SCons for game deving ( aka large code base ) and it works splendid... a lot better than other build solutions. Reason is that using Python as config tool you can create even complex build systems including special case handling which no other build system can do well. I had to do a couple of quirky build hacks to get around windows troubles and only SCons allowed me to pull them off in a sane way. Installing Python under windows works well too. Under Linux it's standard install with any distro so no problems there ( or your distro really sucks ). If you need a build system working on both Linux and Windows without too much double work then SCons is your man.

For the notes: I worked with Autotools, SCons, CMake and SCons is my winner by a long shot. My SCons builds are totally self sustained. Just hack and compile without worrying about anything.
is CMake currenty working for linux? because everytime I try i get a new file that does not exist.

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