Help needed with BIOS extraction please

I was reading the "Official English PCSX2 configuration guide v0.9.7" thread where i was referred to the "Guide to Dumping Your PS2 Bios over LAN" and the PS2Dev website (the link is broken).

In the thread "Guide to Dumping Your PS2 Bios over LAN", at step "2.Memory card Exploit" part B it basically asks you to make a folder called "PS2Exploit" on the desktop and to download and extract the file called "MemcardExploit.rar".

But after extracting, i do NOT see the files i should be seeing in the folder. Instead I see 3 folders with 1 file in each. The file name is "kl4-pslink124-naplink.xps". So it gives me an error when I move to the next step where I'm supposed to use the command line for titleman.exe because clearly that file does not exist.

Obviously I'm doing something wrong. Can someone please help me out here? I own a PlayStation 2, so I am not asking you for a BIOS, I just need help getting my own.


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On second thought, nevermind.

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