Help playing FFX
Hey all new to the PS2 emulator world, been trying to get FFX to play on my machine.

I'm on a rMBP, Mountain Lion 10.8.3, 2.5 GHz Intel Core i5, 8 GB ram, Intel HD graphics 4000. I've also attached pictures of the most recent pcsx2 set up I've tried. The problem I'm having is my battle menu is not showing up (or showing up and quickly disappearing). Also at the start up the cursor isn't showing up to select new game or load game. In one of the pictures you can see no cursor at the beginning, and in the last two pictures you can see the battle menu there then one second later when it disappears. Any ideas would be appreciated! Thanks.

*Edit* Figured it out, just copied these settings to the T.

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i see that you found a solution, i searched the forum you posted there but with no luck Sad any ideas?

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