Help please :)
Hello i'm new here and im pretty much a noob at this sorta stuff and i want to ask where do i download the games for pcsx2? or do i have to buy the game and put it into my pc? i honestly dont know so please dont be sarcastic or anything.

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You need to read the rules before posting please. You need to not download the games, and just go out and buy them. Then put it in to your DVD-ROM/RW drive and configure the program. Before that, you NEED to rip the Bios from YOUR OWN PS2 and dump it onto the bios folder of the program for it to work. Yes, you need to OWN a PS2 to be able to use this emulator. There are plenty of guides to dump the bios and to configure PCSX2 already on this forum. Use the search button and look for them please. If you have any other questions, please let us know.
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Also, Do not request any game downloads or Bios that is a big No No here.

To clear up a little better what Decode said. You must get the Bios from your PS2 that you own. Downloading them off the internet is illegal, The same goes for game download requests. The games you play have to be gotten from your own games or it's illegal. You also must understand that you need to read the rules before posting and looking in guides and FAQs cause what you asked is stated in them and it would be wise from here on out to check those posts before making a thread for support with your issue
Downloading the game is Piracy and is NOT ALLOWED!!! Here, you must Purchase the Game. You may have to read the FAQ.
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